Christopher J. Fritz is a writer, podcaster, musician, and entrepreneur with a passion for philosophy, psychology, personal growth, and storytelling.

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Christopher J. Fritz | Official Patreon
Christopher J. Fritz | Official Patreon

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Christopher J. Fritz | Official Patreon
Christopher J. Fritz | Official Patreon

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About Christopher J. Fritz

Hey, Iā€™m Christopher J. Fritz, but you can call me Chris. šŸ‘‹Iā€™m a writer, podcaster, and musician with a passion for philosophy, history, and storytelling. Iā€™m also a huge nerd who loves classic fantasy, Zelda, and D&D.I started my path as a creator in Tampa, Florida, where I used to play cover songs in downtown coffee shops and bars.After several years, I found myself working a corporate job that I hated as I floated through a life completely devoid of purpose.I didn't really know who I was or what I wanted, and I was wracked with a deep anxiety that I was wasting my life.However, instead of boldly setting out to discover a life worth living, I chose to silence my fears and still my cognitive dissonance with alcohol.I'd wake up daily and drink 1-2 beers, then drink 2-4 shots of liquor at lunch time, then crush a six-pack and / or a bottle of wine every night.I did this for nearly two years.Finally I reached a critical decision point.I decided that life, as I was living it, was not worth living.And so I was faced with a choice:Change or die.At the time, it wasn't an easy decision for me, because I didn't believe I was capable of accomplishing anything.Luckily, I stumbled across philosophy as I frantically searched Google for answers to life's biggest questions.What changed everything for me was the realization that nothing matters on a cosmological scale.I don't matter.For me, nothing could have been more freeing.For decades, I'd been trying to become someone and to live up to my potential.I'd held onto beliefs like:"Everything happens for a reason.""God has a plan for you.""You need to become successful so you can contribute to society."But, what I realized, was that none of that is objectively true.There was no "perfect" version of me.There was nothing that I was "supposed to be," that I had fallen short of.I had a life. That life was utterly devoid of direction or purpose.
And so it was entirely up to me to decide what to do with it.
"Success" and "failure" didn't matter.Fame, wealth, status, and accomplishments didn't matter.Nothing mattered.I realized that it's impossible to be a failure, because there's no template for a "perfect" or "successful" human.So I decided, "Fuck it, I'm just going to do whatever I want."At a glance, that might sound shitty, but for me, it allowed to to bring the elements of my personality that I'd hidden in my Shadow to light so that I could address them one by one.I broke free from my addictions ā€“ not because I had to, but because I realized that all of my addictive tendencies had been self-soothing habits that had originated in the deep-set feeling that I was a colossal failure.I became more naturally curious about the world and the people in it, so I became a better, more humble listener.I stopped trying to prove that I was right all the time, and instead began to seek knowledge from as many sources as I could.I broke my patterns of bullying, gaslighting, and manipulation, because I no longer needed external validation from my relationships, since I was finally comfortable with myself.I quieted the insecure voice of my ego that had always stopped me from trying new things, and instead began to boldly pursue my passions ā€“ even though I wasn't all that talented ā€“ because I finally understood that practice makes perfect.The end result is the person I am today.I am a storyteller.I write articles, books, and music.I interview interesting people on podcasts.I follow the thread of my curiosity and share what I learn in my videos.I walk a path that has no end as just a tiny piece of the Universe discovering ā€“ and loving itself.My deepest hope is that my work will help others experience more joy in their lives and draw closer to spiritual freedom.Namaste.ā€“ Christopher J. Fritz, Nov. 05, 2023

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